hey darlings, here just some inspirational stuff and the latest addition(s) to my closet.

this week is very busy, so rather rarely posted. but i have a good reason. i hate blogging! just kidding :D
i love it, but:
the style drug (and me) are moving to paris, france!
i am so freaking excited, but i am also very scared. new stuff, new people, new friends.
and much much more inspirations and so many more street style posts.
i just hope that i can share all the experiences i am going to make there with you, and if it works from my daily calender, i want to post a lot about outfits in paris, because i adore the parisien chic :) !

here my pictures:

my beeeeeeeed, loving how the colors work together!

IKEA bed
H&M hat and camera bag


oooh, before i forget:

my new neighbour :)


Anonym hat gesagt…

yeahhhhhhhh! its me Kathi>>>hab schon wieder mein blog passwort vergessen

Isabella hat gesagt…

I totaly agree with what you wrote on the first picture! Love the match of colours!

Get back to visit my blog when you have time ;)


Flashes of Style hat gesagt…

I have the same bed! It is lovely :)

Anonym hat gesagt…

Congratulations on your move! I'm also in Paris, so feel free to say hi!