freedom and brand-to-watch!

hello there, i cannot believe it's fall break already. 2 weeks without homework, learning and shot put (something i am awfully bad at). we only had 4 hours of school today - lasting approximately 45 minutes - before we got released at 11:20 :) ! i hooooooope there will be some sunshine for us to enjoy though, but looking out the window right now, i seriously doubt it.

here's to a new brand, whose shop my sister discovered in paris. i think it recently opened or something.
anyways, i loooooooove their clothes and their style.
the brand is called sessùn.
here are a few photos of their autumn/winter 2010 - 2011 collection for you to enjoy, since no outfit picture today (too tired :D i need my break, definetly!):

my favorite! looove the duffle coat!
she looks like keira knightley here, doesn't she?

i took the pictures from this interesting girls site! un site en francais :D !
all the rights of the photos go to sessùn!
i know for a fact (i have a brochure of their autumn/winter 2010 - 2011 collection, saying so) that these pictures were taken in Brighton, England!
let's all go there, shall we?
and for all the people, who come across a sessùn shop on their way: SHOP!


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