Burberry Winter Storms Collection

Why don't we hypothetically speaking just close our eyes (don't!) and enjoy these moments of beauty:

yes, there's two words... - THE SHOES-  !!!!!! especially hers.
the other stuff is just amazing as usual. shouldn't burberry send me all the clothes on the pictures, just for mentioning?hahahaha.. NOT! i wish it would work that way.sigh.
so that's the new burberry winter storms collection. 
if you can afford it: BUY IT!
if you can't: just adooooooooooooooooooooore!

ps. i know the picture could be much bigger, but still no computerholic. so still no idea with the techniques...
but if you click the photo, and then zoom, you can see it in the original size. pretty amazing, huh?

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Anonym hat gesagt…

I love Burberry. My favorite British fashion company. Their signature trench coats always ring a bell with me.

Too bad they do not show their collection in NY. I would love to attend one of their fashion shows.

Maybe one day!

Thanks for your comment and for following me. I will now be following you.

XOXO from New York.