hey darlings, here just some inspirational stuff and the latest addition(s) to my closet.

this week is very busy, so rather rarely posted. but i have a good reason. i hate blogging! just kidding :D
i love it, but:
the style drug (and me) are moving to paris, france!
i am so freaking excited, but i am also very scared. new stuff, new people, new friends.
and much much more inspirations and so many more street style posts.
i just hope that i can share all the experiences i am going to make there with you, and if it works from my daily calender, i want to post a lot about outfits in paris, because i adore the parisien chic :) !

here my pictures:

my beeeeeeeed, loving how the colors work together!

IKEA bed
H&M hat and camera bag


oooh, before i forget:

my new neighbour :)


i should move to lazy town!

I am sooooooooo sorry for NOT having posted for 4 days, but my weekend was really busy, though really nice and i had the greatest time! just hanging out with friends and watching a soccer game :D, though we don't know THAT much about it. do NOT think i am lazy and unwilling to work/study, but my fall holidays just ended today (today was the first day back at school) and i needed to enjoy the last free time i had left.

i just wanted to show you a blog, if you haven't seen it already, by bonnie barton called flashes of style!
absolutely LOVE it. her outfits are INSANE, and so inspiring.
and the coolest thing is, on her other blog, you totally need to check out too, she actually sells some of her clothes, which obviously are so cute due to her great sense of style!
and i absolutely adoooooooore her long black hair :) so nice!
okay, so here's another song of the day! hope you enjoy it and the rest of monday!


Affordable Accessoires Fall/Winter 2010 Part 2

heya everyone, here the second part of the accessoires!
today my post is about the bags i like the best.
there are three main styles i really love, some might be a little 2009/10 but they are still hot this year!

- fringed bags
- doctor bags
- & school bags

it might not be a new fashion-realization, but it is what it is ;)


canvas - favorite!

Zara/Zara TRF


love this one :D looks amazing!
okay, tell me which one you like and which one you'd get!


Affordable Accessoires Fall/Winter 2010 Part 1

as you can see, i am doing this thing about the accessoires for fall and winter!
to me it is really important that everyone can afford what's hot right now, so there's nothing over 50 euros.
this is part one, concerning the gloves! :)
here the gloves for this fall/winter 2010:



Zara/ Zara TRF

okay darlings,that's all for 2day!
tell me which pair you like best!


Tuesday, 10/19/2010

song of the day, from german eurovision song contest winner 2010 :)
today was a rather relaxing day, doing nothing special, but i am still on fall holidays..thank goodness!
here just a site you can check out if you have time, it's a ballet brand, who makes shoes too.
they are sooooo comfortable, and very beautiful!

and enjoy the rest of the day! 


Monday, 10/18/2010

here the song of the day.
i had a GREAT day, taking photos and having fun with a friend :)
we frequently changed our outfits, here are mine :)

H&M shirt
Forever 21 jeans
Graceland boots

H&M striped long dress
H&M bow belt
Zara flats

what did you do today?
please comment and subscribe :)


Mein Blog ist C0-2 neutral!

just wanted to get your attention onto something i think is really good and very helpful, for our planet :)
they plant a tree for every "green" blog to make our world a little greener!
please help, if you want. it is for free, so everyone can help!

"I like your hair!" - "Thanks, I grew it myself!"

something i just found, typing "cotton coloured hair" into google - pictures..
took the picture from this  and this page, but as said before. found the pictures on google

it's from the COMME DES GARCONS spring 2010 RTW show
the hair is just so random. but i kinda like it ;)


It's late and i am tired...BUT..

...just wanted to show you a little style inspiration!

Rachel Bilson, very nice shoes!
x sleep well 

ps. please comment: who is your celebrity style inspiration?


this is what you find in my closet. what do you find in yours?

hey darlings, just a small selection of the fabrics in my closet.
i just put them all together out of boredom took some photos and i really like the result :)
tell me what you think!


newest fashion statement: it doesn't have to fit together to fit together!

boooh! here a new outfit,worn by my sister.
actually we could call it streetstyle, because she wore this yesterday..but wait: the photos are taken inside! so i guess it's HOUSESTYLE or something.
she is wearing a cardigan which goes perfectly with the shirt, although most people wouldn't buy and put this together. but that's just what i love in fashion, you can mix and match whatever YOU, yeah, YOU like!
enjoy :)

H&M cardigan and shirt
Uniqlo Jeans
Renato Lucci Vintage Bag


just something if you are bored...

Comedy Guide to Youtube:

Dear reader, do you feel bored all the time?
you miss the fun in your life? you don't know what to do and care for a laugh?
there are 3 great (or so they think) comedians on youtube:

1. nigahiga:
he really is the funniest guy! i absolutely adooooooooooooore his "off the pill" - rants.
they're all kinda twisted into each other, if you pay really close attention.
and the jokes are so random and so hilarious..
but that's all. the other videos are only funny when you are in a really crazy mood..

okay, so fred (played by a guy named lukas) has lost his touch over the long years in his youtube channel.
fred's voice is so annoying after a while, but still, he is supposedly one of THE greatest comedians on youtube. following nigahiga's lead of course...

3.freshaltefolie (for germans only):
freshaltefolie macht einfach die lustigsten videos..besonders die sandra videos..sind immer ein lacher :D
geht auf playlists --> da sind die Klassiker ;)

this obviously has nothing to do with fashion, but i still think it's interesting.
if you have absolutely nothing else to do..



These boots are made for walking..

....and that's just what they'll do!

hello kids, today i am posting about my favorite boots for this fall/winter!
obviously i won't be able to afford any of them, but i am currently provided with boots. although i only have short pairs, maybe i WILL get a pair of high boots this year. hhmmm.....

so these are chloe boots, i absolutely adore the top (could we call it baroque?) and the colour is beautiful too:

adorable, no?

the next pair is a pair of louboutin black leather boots, studded with riveting on the front and back:

i loooove them!
both boots are in a price range from 1.000 to 1.500 euros, so i won't be able to buy them. such a shame :( !
and here is a pair of boots, so comfortable, warm, and seen everywhere at the moment, especially in london.

the color is so beautiful too, right?!

i already own a pair of those emu boots, and they are so comfy and warm :) !
anyway i think the chloe brown and classic black are the boots-colours of the season, so keep your eyes open for shoes like that.

ps. if anyone is feeling very generous at the moment, my shoe size is 37, i wouldn't say no to these boots up there! :D
please please please get me the louboutins!
just kidding ;)


freedom and brand-to-watch!

hello there, i cannot believe it's fall break already. 2 weeks without homework, learning and shot put (something i am awfully bad at). we only had 4 hours of school today - lasting approximately 45 minutes - before we got released at 11:20 :) ! i hooooooope there will be some sunshine for us to enjoy though, but looking out the window right now, i seriously doubt it.

here's to a new brand, whose shop my sister discovered in paris. i think it recently opened or something.
anyways, i loooooooove their clothes and their style.
the brand is called sessùn.
here are a few photos of their autumn/winter 2010 - 2011 collection for you to enjoy, since no outfit picture today (too tired :D i need my break, definetly!):

my favorite! looove the duffle coat!
she looks like keira knightley here, doesn't she?

i took the pictures from this interesting girls site! un site en francais :D !
all the rights of the photos go to sessùn!
i know for a fact (i have a brochure of their autumn/winter 2010 - 2011 collection, saying so) that these pictures were taken in Brighton, England!
let's all go there, shall we?
and for all the people, who come across a sessùn shop on their way: SHOP!



if i had a dog i would name it pancake

heya there,
yesterday i was shoe-shopping with my mom and youngest sister (she ist older than me), just the youngest of my older-than-me sisters.
i actually had a real catch yesterday! dark brown booties, which kinda give you the hiking vibe, so perfect for fall/winter! i've been looking for shoes like this all along, but SOMEHOW the shops NEVER had the right size for me. so i always left the shop with disappointment tears in my eyes. yup. this is a real hard case of a crazy and pysho shoe-fetishist, watson! hahahaha being funny, are we?

H&M basic skirt and shirt
vintage vest
H&M necklaces 
Graceland booties

only one more day till the weekend! :)


Burberry Winter Storms Collection

Why don't we hypothetically speaking just close our eyes (don't!) and enjoy these moments of beauty:

yes, there's two words... - THE SHOES-  !!!!!! especially hers.
the other stuff is just amazing as usual. shouldn't burberry send me all the clothes on the pictures, just for mentioning?hahahaha.. NOT! i wish it would work that way.sigh.
so that's the new burberry winter storms collection. 
if you can afford it: BUY IT!
if you can't: just adooooooooooooooooooooore!

ps. i know the picture could be much bigger, but still no computerholic. so still no idea with the techniques...
but if you click the photo, and then zoom, you can see it in the original size. pretty amazing, huh?


Chop chop

Yes people, i cut my hair.
not very much, but i still look different.

i don't know why i am hiding my face.
i kinda like the pose...
ring street market in berlin
h&m shirt

song of the day 10/05/2010

Sweet Child O Mine Cover by Taken by Trees
This kinda reminds me of the last house on the left.
and i do not have good memories of THAT!
too scary.

btw, not because it's sad. it's just beautiful. and an inspiration.


something you shouldn't miss! has everybody seen this?

I actually wanted to show you something, but we need to be happy with this stupid link:
the video i wanted to appear here, but which simply won't. why oh why?

"You can't not have fun!" that's what Kristin Cavallari says about the NY fashion week!
i cannot believe, i wasn't there.
i do not wanna miss another one.
next time i'll just book a flight and walk around the tents waiting for someone saying: oh, you wanna come sit first row during sonia rykiel?
i'll not say no, hahaha i wish!
d'you realize how EVERYONE says fun during their interview at least once?
just something i realized...
they should say things like: fashion, glorious and lagerfeld more..
so, should anybody want to interview me -  i'm ready to go right away.
it's a shame..that's not happening.

why the heck is the video NOT showing?
this sucks. i suck. at computer programming.


going out to dinner

I created this look in less than 10 minutes, and I am quite proud to be honest.
The jeans are actually my sisters, but she gave them to me (kind of to make me look taller) and I absolutely adore them.
I wear them like almost every time we go out to eat with the family, which is lovely.

Shirt H&M
Forever 21 Jeans
Vintage Blue Leather Bag
Zara shoes

sleep tight xx


new baby

Newest member of the jewelry department at home! :)
Couldn't wait to show you guys.
We ordered at H&M and the package came 2 days later!
This man drove into our courtyard and my sister was like: OMG it's the H&M stuff already!
I got another bag as well, but not showing because I still didn't buy a memory card for my beautiful, beautiful cybershot!
Well I guess I just gotta wait...
So here 2 pictures (taken of course by my beautiful, beautiful cybershot! just keep on saying it and making everyone jealous!) of my new baby:

Necklace with owl from H&M

btw: I am so damn proud of my camera for taking pictures like THAT! 

kinda got a thing going for the corsage thing..:)

Visit hm.com

that's something we call veeeeeeery good picture quality, eh?!