just something if you are bored...

Comedy Guide to Youtube:

Dear reader, do you feel bored all the time?
you miss the fun in your life? you don't know what to do and care for a laugh?
there are 3 great (or so they think) comedians on youtube:

1. nigahiga:
he really is the funniest guy! i absolutely adooooooooooooore his "off the pill" - rants.
they're all kinda twisted into each other, if you pay really close attention.
and the jokes are so random and so hilarious..
but that's all. the other videos are only funny when you are in a really crazy mood..

okay, so fred (played by a guy named lukas) has lost his touch over the long years in his youtube channel.
fred's voice is so annoying after a while, but still, he is supposedly one of THE greatest comedians on youtube. following nigahiga's lead of course...

3.freshaltefolie (for germans only):
freshaltefolie macht einfach die lustigsten videos..besonders die sandra videos..sind immer ein lacher :D
geht auf playlists --> da sind die Klassiker ;)

this obviously has nothing to do with fashion, but i still think it's interesting.
if you have absolutely nothing else to do..



Cupcake hat gesagt…

Hey thanks for the laugh! Great job!

Franziska hat gesagt…

glad you liked it :)