These boots are made for walking..

....and that's just what they'll do!

hello kids, today i am posting about my favorite boots for this fall/winter!
obviously i won't be able to afford any of them, but i am currently provided with boots. although i only have short pairs, maybe i WILL get a pair of high boots this year. hhmmm.....

so these are chloe boots, i absolutely adore the top (could we call it baroque?) and the colour is beautiful too:

adorable, no?

the next pair is a pair of louboutin black leather boots, studded with riveting on the front and back:

i loooove them!
both boots are in a price range from 1.000 to 1.500 euros, so i won't be able to buy them. such a shame :( !
and here is a pair of boots, so comfortable, warm, and seen everywhere at the moment, especially in london.

the color is so beautiful too, right?!

i already own a pair of those emu boots, and they are so comfy and warm :) !
anyway i think the chloe brown and classic black are the boots-colours of the season, so keep your eyes open for shoes like that.

ps. if anyone is feeling very generous at the moment, my shoe size is 37, i wouldn't say no to these boots up there! :D
please please please get me the louboutins!
just kidding ;)


Isabella hat gesagt…

I love the Louboutin ones! Awesome!

Check my blog if you want, and leave me a comment.


Isabella hat gesagt…

I follow you, hope you'll do the same ;)


Claudia Montanari hat gesagt…

OMG amazing shoes.....
I follow you,
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Cupcake hat gesagt…

Luv the Louboutin one's as well! Thanks for visiting. Great blog. Come and visit me often and i will do the same

Franziska hat gesagt…

thanks, you guys are so sweet :)