something you shouldn't miss! has everybody seen this?

I actually wanted to show you something, but we need to be happy with this stupid link:
the video i wanted to appear here, but which simply won't. why oh why?

"You can't not have fun!" that's what Kristin Cavallari says about the NY fashion week!
i cannot believe, i wasn't there.
i do not wanna miss another one.
next time i'll just book a flight and walk around the tents waiting for someone saying: oh, you wanna come sit first row during sonia rykiel?
i'll not say no, hahaha i wish!
d'you realize how EVERYONE says fun during their interview at least once?
just something i realized...
they should say things like: fashion, glorious and lagerfeld more..
so, should anybody want to interview me -  i'm ready to go right away.
it's a shame..that's not happening.

why the heck is the video NOT showing?
this sucks. i suck. at computer programming.

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