i should move to lazy town!

I am sooooooooo sorry for NOT having posted for 4 days, but my weekend was really busy, though really nice and i had the greatest time! just hanging out with friends and watching a soccer game :D, though we don't know THAT much about it. do NOT think i am lazy and unwilling to work/study, but my fall holidays just ended today (today was the first day back at school) and i needed to enjoy the last free time i had left.

i just wanted to show you a blog, if you haven't seen it already, by bonnie barton called flashes of style!
absolutely LOVE it. her outfits are INSANE, and so inspiring.
and the coolest thing is, on her other blog, you totally need to check out too, she actually sells some of her clothes, which obviously are so cute due to her great sense of style!
and i absolutely adoooooooore her long black hair :) so nice!
okay, so here's another song of the day! hope you enjoy it and the rest of monday!


Cupcake hat gesagt…

Luvly! Good to see you back!

Franziska hat gesagt…

merci! :)

F. Pian! hat gesagt…

Hi, don´t worry... Sometimes I don´t post too, and it´s ok...
But it´s great to see you...



Flashes of Style hat gesagt…

I get in non-posting funks sometimes as well... anyways, thank you SO much for the shout-out! What kind words, and that is so sweet of you to help get my blogs name out there ^_^

Hope you have a lovely day!


Isabella hat gesagt…

Welcome back! :) I usually post twice a week so I guess you're absolutely not to blame ;)


iDiodora hat gesagt…

i love this blog! very cute!