School's Horror

So sorry, I don't actually have a camera at the moment, so I'll just post something about a normal day at school, not an outfit or that kind of thing.

So I noticed today that the only way to get around school without (!) receiving stupid bruises, you need to FIGHT your way through the crowd of little (haha, they're almost as tall/small as I am) 5th graders.
Don't resist on using your elbows .And fists. Seriously.
And I always thought the older students were the bullies.
Thought wrong there, fools!
I am 100000000 percent sure, that I was much more scared of 9th graders than they are of me now.
Geez, I really do look like a 9th grader though.

Enough of the nonsense, sleep well, world!

xx franky

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