I waaaaaaaaaaant CANDY!

So it seems to me that there aren't a lot of people who can identify with Napoleon Dynamite...
But seeing as I can, it makes me think that I am either a dork or just weird. NOT that that's the same thing in any way. NOT!
Although I have to say, everyone (EVERYONE) knows the feeling when someone asks us: "How was school?!"
So I think his answer ist more than appropriate and satisfactory: "WORST day of my life, what do you think?!"
That's just what it feels like to me anyways.

But who cares about what others think? I've given that up the day I put on my pair of Flower Leggings (whom I adore btw) I think he's amazing.
Seriously, I know that it's just a movie and that he doesn't really exist, but imagine somebody inventing a Liger!
That's just freakin creative. (You see how I am trying - and failing -  at giving my post a vibe of coolness by leavin (HA there it is again!) out the 'g's?)

And you realize how I tend to say anyways a lot. Gosh! Just somethin I like to do! (that was SO napoleon!)
xx franky

PS you need the link to get the title. Sweet. Not.

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